The real Santorini

The real You

Have You discovered them?

The Aura is a scenic, fun, 5-hour-long sailing workshop experience around Santorini to discover yourself and get the tools to design and accomplish your dream career & lifestyle.

...all this while having fun, swimming in the ocean, dinning and enjoying the sunset from a Catamaran Yacht in Santorini island

Do you wake up EXCITED to go to work every morning?



Is this workshop for me?

Probably you feel something has to change.

No matter how stuck and confused you might feel – we will start your authentic journey together.

It is time to face over what you’ve been avoiding

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How do we achieve our goal in this workshop?  

I will guide you through an American award winning coaching methodology, greatly enriched by personal knowledge and experience built from creating empowerment programs in Zürich, Brazil and in Santorini.


This journey takes you through the following phases:

  1. Who am I? Discover your values, strengths and start defining your purpose 

  2. ​What is my dream Career/Lifestyle & Relationship? Start designing it!​​

  3. How to achieve it? Goal setting, subconscious mind, habits, time management and relationships

Everything we will do is practical, ultra-effective, simple and fun

After our experience together, you will receive on-line support to ensure that you achieve your goals

Who is Christos?

I am 37, have lived for 17 years in London, New York, Zürich and Brazil, worked for 11 years as a project manager in investment banks, doing all the ''right'' things, yet unfulfilled and unhappy. I was lost.

For the last 4 years I am based in Switzerland and I specialize in coaching private clients and creating Life & Career transition workshops in Zürich, Brazil and Santorini, Greece.

My experience spans across a variety of clients ranging from 20 year old social entrepreneurs, to a 57 year-old ex-McKinsey consultant, now a CEO in Dallas, Texas.

Workshops available in English, Greek, German and Portuguese.

What does 'Aura' mean?

Aura is a way of living that believes in the power of traditional Family Values.

  • Love

  • Trust

  • Meaningful Connections
  • Honesty/Authenticity

  • Responsibility

  • Open

  • Teaching by action

  • Simplicity

  • Positivity

  • Patience

These Family Values were passed to me by the best coach I ever had, my grandmother Aura. 

She and my grandfather Christos, had a truly role-model family environment.

Why the above values?

I believe these values create optimal environments that accelerate personal growth and change.


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''The coaching I had with Chris opened my eyes and heart! I am seeing and especially feeling so much clearer who I am, my values, my strength and what my purpose is in life. I feel truly empowered by our conversations and his guidance but also by all the tools we worked with like meditation and affirmations. Chris is always to the point, is authentic and acts from his heart. His wonderful aura made me feel comfortable and it felt like being guided by a good friend. Really thankful for life's synchronicity bringing me his way.''

Britta Waechter - Germany





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